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30th Anniversary Forecast Event


Thank You, Austin for a Successful 30th Forecast Event!

We could not have hoped for a better 30 years. Thank you to our attendees, sponsors, and supporters. 

A copy of the 2015-2016 Forecast presentation is available with a free subscription to AE University


Want to stay ahead of the economic curve?

For an annual fee of $399, you will have access to our 2015 Austin Quarterly Economic Updates. Quarterly Updates will cover a host of key economic data points, which will help you stay informed of what is happening on the ground, including within Austin's tech and venture capital scene, real-estate market, and more.

To receive updates, visit AEU's membership page.

2014 Quarterly Economic Updates Release Schedule 

Q1 2015- May, 2015

Q2 2015- August, 2015

Q3 2015- November, 2015

FORECAST 2015 - December, 2015


A special thank you to our 2015-2016 Economic Forecast Sponsors:


Commercial Real Estate Information Provided By:

 CoStar Group


for questions about the event, contact:

 Irene Ginakakis | | (512) 225-9328

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  • 1 Hour of Consulting

    1 Hour of Consulting

    Sometimes all you need is economic development consulting. For $250 per hour, you will receive one-on-one consulting with AngelouEconomics’ Chief Principal Officer Angelos Angelou about anything ran... read moreging from site location inquiries, economic development best practices, or even implementation advice. Purchase five or more hours and you’ll be eligible for AEU’s discounted rate of $185 per hour.

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