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AE promotes new industrial development and entrepreneurship in Butte-Silver Bow, MT

September 12, 2014

The leader of Butte’s new economic study is calling the Mike Mansfield Advanced Technology Center the county’s “secret weapon” for developing industrial entrepreneurship.

Butte-Silver Bow and MSE, the company which runs the facility just south of town, are already working on making the most of it.

Angelos Angelou, who heads the company that delivered Butte-Silver Bow’s $67,000 economic report, advocates pursuing new industrial development by fostering home-grown talent.

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Angelos’ Analysis on Employment Makes International Impression

February 13, 2014

The analysis and observations that AngelouEconomics founder Angelos Angelou made during his annual forecast event led to an interview that was picked up by numerous news outlets, including many international groups. The observation that the projected Dell layoffs could be absorbed by Apple and other major tech firms seemed to resonate across the board. It is a prediction that is squarely supported by the recent statistic that Texas has surpassed California as the leading technology exporter in the US. And though there are major industry players throughout the state, including Texas Instruments in Dallas, the Central Texas/Austin area has seen expansive growth and investment in recent years totalling a higher impact than the Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio regions combined, and this diversified growth also shows no signs of stopping. However it seemed that the revalation that Apple's expanding presence has the potential to offset and absorb many of the forthcoming Dell cuts was apparently the tantalizing detail that created the international buzz.

In the end it is merely a sign that the strengthening economy has the capacity to withstand the necessary re-organizations that are occuring in the tech sector. That is a good thing, because on another front it was also revealed that Apple is now globally outselling all PC manufacturers combined.

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AE at the 2nd Annual Greater Austin Asian Chamber Awards Banquet

May 23, 2014

Angelos Angelou was recognized Wednesday evening at the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Awards Banquet as a member of the chamber's advisory board. This year the chamber supported the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center's...

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Texas Surpasses California as Leading Tech Exporter

February 12, 2014

Texas has earned another esteemed top ranking as the largest state exporter of tech, unseating the long reigning champion of California. As the legacy of Silicon Valley has evolved into as much funding as it is manufacturing, the emergence of the...

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Press Releases

Rockford Region Diversification Plan Endorsed by Regional Economic Development Leaders

November 15, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 15, 2012   ROCKFORD, IL -- In 2011, Rockford Area Strategic Initiatives (RASI) received an Adjustment Grant from the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) for the creation of an...

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$210 Million Data Center Campus to Be Built in Pflugerville, to bring 170 High-Paying Jobs

June 13, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 13, 2012 Amy StansburyStansbury Public   $210 MILLION DATA CENTER CAMPUS TO BE BUILT IN PFLUGERVILLE,TO BRING 170 HIGH-PAYING JOBSThe four to six buildings on the campus are...

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IEDC 2012 Annual Conference

October 02, 2012

Going to the IEDC 2012 Annual Conference? Be sure to stop by and hear Angelos Angelou as a panelist for the session entitled “Empowering Tomorrow: Economic Development Through Renewable Energy”

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IEDC 2012 Annual Conference

September 30, 2012

While you’re at the IEDC 2012 Annual Conference, check out the AE created session “Attracting Data Centers to Your Community”

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