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Strategic Economic Development

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Sometimes all you need is economic development consulting. AngelouEconomics offers individual studies - they’re a great option for communities that don’t require a complete plan or have targeted needs.

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Strategic Economic Development

We determine how your local conditions are impacted by the rest of the world. Then we work closely with you to leverage your assets and reach your economic growth and diversification goals. At AngelouEconomics, we’re pioneers in economic development, constantly creating innovative tools for analysis, evaluation, and strategic development. With an equal emphasis on implementation assistance, you can be sure that plans are implemented and you get the results you need.


    AngelouEconomics helped me define New Mexico's industry clusters but then went many steps further with a marketing plan, contact lists and assistance is setting up strategic meetings. All in all, an impressive effort. AngelouEconomics is a well-rounded firm that excels in strategic development ranging from marketing plans and cluster analyses to economic impact reports for recruitment.

    Rick Homans
    President/CEO Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation
    Former Cabinet Secretary of Economic Development, State of New Mexico


Services found within strategic economic development can include:

  • Economic Development Strategy ranging from master plans to comprehensive economic development strategies
  • Target Industry Analysis including identification of niche and market segmentation, cluster analysis, and benchmarking
  • Labor Assessment & Workforce Analysis provides a deep evaluation of the adequacy and competitiveness of your community’s most important asset
  • Organizational Analysis benchmarks your organization to leading competitors and to those considered to be “the best in the business” and provides an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s structure, funding and effectiveness
  • Reverse Site Selection puts your community and your organization through the paces of a live inquiry, site visit, and evaluation by an actual site selection professional
  • Incentives Analysis/Benchmarking evaluates the adequacy and appropriateness of a city, region, or state’s incentive tools and policies with an emphasis on ensuring competitiveness while conserving public resources
  • Site Locator’s Scorecard helps clients to see their community from the standpoint of a site locator or a corporate user
  • Performance Metrics development and measurement of success and progress over time