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Economic Impact & Research

Economic Impact & Research

Our economists put their years of experience performing comprehensive research, analysis, and forecasting to work for you. They’ve learned that timely and relevant information is key to constructing an effective economic development plan. They’ll show you how your activities will impact the local economy today and tomorrow, or the effects of a new base of operations in a different location.


    AngelouEconomics is a tremendous resource for us…to work with them and understand the trends in the industry, where people are locating, where they’re building factories and why, and who all of the key players in Austin and around the country are.

    Chris Daverse
    Manager, External Affairs, Sematech


To answer these pressing questions, the AE team employs the following services:

Festival & Event Impact Modeling

Whether you run a business convention that brings a couple hundred people to town or you organize major festivals that draw hundreds of thousands, AngelouEconomics can craft an economic impact study to measure your contribution to the local economy.

EB-5 Visa Economic Impact Analysis

Every EB-5 application requires an economic impact study to validate the minimum job creation requirement. AngelouEconomics has created a proven report template and methodology that has been approved by the USCIS with 100% success. 

Economic Impact Studies for University Departments & Systems

Colleges and universities create a significant and unique impact within the communities they serve. AngelouEconomics has crafted economic impact studies for entire university systems as well as single departments within the system. 

Economic Impact Studies for Non-Profit Organizations

Economic impact studies are a great way to show the contribution of an organization to the local community. By quantifying that local impact, AngelouEconomics has helped non-profit organizations sustain and even increase funding levels. 

Economic Impact Studies for Private Sector Industries & Businesses

In addition to increased funding opportunities, economic impact studies can improve relations between private and public sector parties by detailing the economic benefit of your company to the region in terms of jobs, wages, and total economic contribution. 

Return on Investment Analysis

Interested in the efficiency of your organization? Do you need to validate the efficacy of your program to board members or stakeholders? A return on investment analysis and economic impact assessment is the perfect tool. 

Legislative Support

AngelouEconomics has provided support and analysis in numerous legislative endeavors. We have done so by offering expert consult, crafting economic impact and research studies, and by leveraging a network of contacts that span 650+ clients in as many communities.

Public Policy Analysis

Need to measure the impact of a proposed program or bill? AngelouEconomics can quantify the impact as well as offer qualitative analysis from the unique point of view as economic developers. 

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Need to understand the fiscal impact of new tax program or public policy announcement? The public sector reacts differently to various economic stimuli and AngelouEconomics understands the unique nature of that relationship. A fiscal impact analysis is the perfect way to gain greater insight into the complexities of public policies.  

Expert Testimony

AngleouEconomics has provided expert testimony in numerous legislative hearings to support our clients.

Litigation Services

AngelouEconomics is able to provide support to the litigation process by providing expert council, economic impact and damage modeling, settlement analysis, as well as being available to provide expert testimony.

Damage Modeling

AngelouEconomics can model damages that arise from most any circumstance. Whether the damages are personal, public, social, or otherwise, we have the model that can help win your case.

Settlement Analysis

Hoping to settle out of court? AngelouEconomics can help determine the appropriate out of court settlement using proven economic analysis, and thus lending additional strength to your overall case.

Expert Testimony

AngleouEconomics has provided expert testimony in court hearings relating to matters of economics and economic impacts. To date, AngelouEconomics has supported our clients with 100% success. 

Economic Forecasts

It's one thing to know where you stand, but are you interested in the economic trends that will shape your communities future? AngelouEconomics has been conducting economic forecasts for 20+ years. Even before our firm was founded, Angelos Angelou was crafting regional forecasts for Austin as the Chief Economist at the Chamber of Commerce. 

Labor Assessment & Workforce Analysis

Has your community grown in ways that have made it difficult for your workforce to keep up? Does your workforce have skill  gaps that make hiring difficult for employers? AngelouEconomics can craft your next labor assessment and workforce analysis to get your economy back on track and your private sector flush with opportunity!

Market Feasibility Studies

Moving into a new market where the trends and economic realities are unknown? Our market feasibility studies can empower your venture with the information you need to make the best and most appropriate business decisions.

Cluster Analysis & Competitiveness Evaluations

What are the primary industries that you target to your community? What is the current state of those industries? How do your industries compare competitively to other industries regionally or nationally? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you may be missing opportunities or wasting precious resources. AngelouEconomics has analyzed industry clusters in more than 650 communities across the U.S.; we understand what makes industries successful. Just as importantly, we understand how communities can compete more effectively, even with little in the way of resources. Our recommendations can help your community's industries become "best in class."

Retail Gap Analysis

By analyzing more than 35 retail sectors in your community, AngelouEconomics can offer insight in the performance of each of those sectors and provide recommendations that can transform your retail industry. The retail gap analysis details the supply and demand of each sector and illuminates which sectors are bringing consumers to your community, and which are drawing residents away.

Perception Survey & Analysis

How is your community perceived by those outside of it? How is your community perceived by site selectors who have the ability to bring additional capital to your region? AngelouEconomics has an extensive network of site selectors, which can be surveyed to gain insight to the perceptions that face your community. As site selectors ourselves, we can make proven recommendations that can improve upon those perceptions and help you win projects and increase capital investment in your community.

Cost of Operational Modeling

When contemplating a potential expansion project, one of the primary questions companies will ask is: how much does it cost to operate in your region? AngelouEconomics has created a model that details the cost structure of operating across all functional areas of business. The model can be applied to any industry and any business type. By knowing how you compare competitively, you can make informed decisions about how to best promote you strengths as a community to increase capital investment in your region.

Economic Dashboards

Do you find yourself frequently asking what your latest job numbers are? Are you spending too much time researching economic trends? Let AngelouEconomics do it for you! We can develop a customized dashboard of the most important economic indicators to your community. Updated on a quarterly basis, all of the data you need is just a few clicks away. This information can be used internally, or you can make it available to the public, so your constituents can also make decisions based on the most recent economic data.

Causal Inference

Want to know the effect of a program or policy?  Causal inference uses statistical methods to estimate the causal impact of a program or policy. The economists at AngelouEconomics can employ academic-level rigor and quasi-experimental methodologies to measure impacts of a given program or policy.  

GIS / Asset Mapping

Does your organization need a way to better conduct and convey crucial information to stakeholders? GIS is a spatial analysis tool that is used to better understand the relationship between multiple variables, such as demographics, transportation and land use, for economic development purposes. This comprehensive approach to economic development enables AngelouEconomics to gain crucial insight into your community. 

Downtown Economic Revitalization Strategies

Downtown and Main Street districts are key economic engines for communites, but far too may are in need of a reinvigoration of new businesses, consumers, and stakeholders. Our downtown economic revitalization strategies are structured to inform the lager public about the visions for downtown's economy and the path toward its revitalization. Our plans focus on telling the story of downtown, identifying salient assets and challenges, and creating new tools and strategies to achieve local goals.

AngelouEconomics has the experience of working in more than 650 communities across the nation and we know what works and what doesn't. Let us craft your next downtown redevelopment plan and experience the results firsthand.

EDA Grant Application Services

Grants offered through the U.S. Economic Development Administration are available to help fund the infrastructure needs of your new project. AngelouEconomics can take you through the entire application process from beginning to end. We have helped our clients secure millions of dollars towards projects that would have otherwise not been financially viable.

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Is your community implementing a new tax policy or thinking of offering additional incentive programs? AngelouEconomics can employ proven economic analysis methods to help set those programs at appropriate  levels as well as understand the cost/benefit impact that they will have on the community.